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Santo  Sessa

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Love Your Listing

Our approach to selling homes can be summed up in 3 simple, yet powerful words...❤️ YOUR LISTING! We want you to love your listing. Why? Because we know when a home seller loves their listing, there's a great chance potential home buyers will too!

Everything we do in our approach to selling homes revolves around getting as many potential home buyers as possible to fall in love with your home, the same way you did.

Want to skip the 11 points below and have a short chat, then request a call? We'll follow up with you to meet for 30 mins.

Want to know what your home is worth?

1) The Seller Experience

We take pride in delivering a high level of service to our clients that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds those expectations. We are committed to giving you great service, a great price and an enjoyable exerience.  

But don't just take our word for it, see what our clients have to say in their own words by clicking Client Success Stories.




I have successfully completed a specialized luxury home marketing training course offered by the INSTITUTE FOR LUXURY HOME MARKETING earning me the coveted designation of being a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist

The course covered such topics as demographics of the affluent, lifestyle segmentation, trends and amenities in today's luxury home product and creating a marketing plan for the multimillion dollar property.

Click my CERTIFIED LUXURY HOME MARKETING SPECIALIST logo on the left to learn how Sellers and Buyers benefit from this specialized training.


2) Every Home Has It's Own Unique Story

Your home is special, so the way it's presented should reflect that. There is definitely a wrong way to describe a property...

Wrong way: You don't just have a, "4Bd, 2.5Ba" home.

Our way: Your property has, "4 spacious bedrooms with plenty of closet space to accomodate a growing family."

Your kitchen is, "Coveted, modern design dream kitchen, perfect for large family gatherings. You'll love entertaining family & friends!" 

Every home has a unique story and we offer your home a unique voice that will stand out, while beautifully showcasing the features buyers want to see.

When buyers hear your home's story they fall in love with it too, the same way you did. We tell them that story and we'll make sure they know what makes your home so special.


3) Getting Your Home 'Showroom" Ready

Each property we market is given a through walkthrough, to determine the best way to stage it. If this is new to you, 'staging' is presenting your home in the best possible light, by assessing (and adjusting, if needed) aspects of furniture placement, wall colours and even landscaping.

Sometimes the way we live in a home is different then the way it should be presented to potential buyers.


4) It All Starts With First Impression (Usually On-Line)

Our marketing plan for selling homes is proactive, aggressive and above all, results driven. We don't just through a sign in the yard, put your home on the MLS and hope for the best. We're here to make home buyers fall in love with your home and it all starts with that first impression and it's usually on-line.

Our professional photographers and videographers are second to none and use state-of-the-art camera equipment to take stunning HD photos, drone videos and interactive floorplan tours of your home.

Did you know that 95% of home buyers start their search on-line, before ever speaking with a Realtor?

Take a look below at one of our recent listings to see for yourself.


5) Marketing Way Beyond the MLS...

a) Paid Advertising of Your Home

We make sure that your listing not only looks great on-line with professional photos and video, but we also pay other internet sites thousands of dollars each year to make sure your home gets exponentially more views than your competition.

To the right is an example of a paid Facebook advertising campaign we did for a property that was on the market for a short period of time.






b) We Market Your Home Twice (Before MLS and during MLS period)!

The average Realtor waits until a home is listed in the MLS to start marketing and just waits for buyers to come to them. Not us! Before your home is even listed we'll launch a COMING SOON marketing campaign strategically designed to get potential buyers and buyer agents excited about your home.

I'm sure you've seen the COMING SOON signs on front lawns. Well, unfortunately that's all (if that) most Realtors do. We create and pay for specific and strategic on-line marketing campaigns.

You see, buyers are very interested in homes they can't get anywhere else and these campaigns are fantastic for generating interest in new listings.

Our typical pre-listing marketing campaign gets 1,000's of potential home buyers interested in learning more about your home.

The COMING SOON campaign to the right was viewed by 8,642 people before the property was even listed. 1,767 people clicked on the ad to get more details about the property.




6) Showcasing your Property BETTER than how it looks on the MLS!

Our website,, earns the attention of today's modern, mobile responsive buyers. It's a proven fact that consumers distrust ugly and boring websites.

Our website is user-friendly, beautiful and captures 1000's of leads each month. 

The MLS and websites that take info and data from the MLS Listing are limited in how they can show the important features of your home. Usually very plain and boring is how the MLS presents your home.

Your home deserves to be showcased in all its glory!

Your home will have its own unique website address and we control how your home is showcased on our website.

An example is or click on the image to the right to see how a recent listing was showcased on our website.




7) Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing is a huge difference maker that sets us apart from the average Realtor. Facebook has become a marketing powerhouse making it an incredible marketing opportunity. 

We create a custom Facebook marketing campaign for your property that reaches 1000's of potential buyers. Bottom line, we know how to turn "likes" into LEADS for your property!

Check out the chart below. Looking at only 1 month, May 2017, of our Facebook advertising campaigns, when tallied, it shows that in a 31 day period we had:

65,517 people viewed our ads    |    17,168 people clicked on our ads    |    397 people commented or shared our ads.


8) Interactive Floorplan Tour On All Properties

Prior to our putting your home on the market, our professional photographer will make a visit to your home and will create an interactive Floorplan Tour of your home. Potential buyers near and far will be able to view your property as if they were there.

The amount of time, effort and budget an engaged couple takes selecting their wedding photographer and videographer applies exactly the same way to us when we select the perfect photographer to create tours for our listings. Every single one of the properties we represent will have INCREDIBLE photos, interactive floorplan and drone video (if appropriate) that will WOW the buyers.

There have been many cases when international buyers have purchased a home without ever stepping foot inside the property because of this technology.

See an example by using the floorplan below. Click on any of the rooms and drag the grey view area to see the room.


9) Responding to the Most Motivated Buyers with a Real Person 24 Hrs a Day and all Within 5 mins.

The most motivated buyers are eagerly searching for the latest properties that hit the market at all different hours of the day. The ones that are willing to leave their phone number to get more information about your home are by far the ones most ready to purchase your home.

The problem is that if they don't get a response, not an automated reply but a real person that answers their questions within a few minutes, they are on to the next property, completely dismissing yours. Buyers don't care if they requesting information at 3 pm or 3 am. They want the information quickly or they don't want it at all.

Listing your property with Team Sessa will give it the Love it deserves. People inquiring about your home will get a response the way they want a rsponse - quickly and via text. If they want to talk on the phone after getting some information via text, we'll engage the buyer...that is how your potential buyer will get responded to, all WITHIN 5 minutes!


10) Total Confidentiality!

Confidentiality is extremely important to us, to you and to the successful sale fo your home. WE GET IT!



11) International Marketing

Almost every luxury real estate agent will tell you that they market internationally. But do they really?

We do!

One of the reasons we chose to work with Re/Max is because of its HUGE international presence.

Re/Max is the only Real Estate company with true global reach. markets your home to over 100 countries and territories within minutes, while translating your listing to over 40 languages. promotes over 700,000 listings, receiving over 2,000,000 views per month. Nobody offers global exposure like Re/Max!

Every real estate company will try to impress you with how many websites your property in on. We take pride in having the 'go to' website with

Are you ready to take the next step and ❤️ Your Listing?

Want to know what your home is worth?

Not quite ready to list your home for sale? That's ok too!

We're always just a phone call, text or e-mail away to answer any questions you have about selling a home, buying a home or anything else related to real estate.


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